Welcome to The Cypher

An Afro futurist Organization

Afrofuturism evaluates the past and future to create better conditions for the present generation of Black people through the use of technology, often presented through art, music, and literature. In our case, we offer a robust set of tech products and analytical services to match the demand for tools that help schools comply with state and local mandates.

Cypher is here to equip school communities with peer-informed research, offering access to our network of schools professionals, focus group engagements, and community block parties, our unique take on community engagement and building dialogue through trust, instead of transaction.


How can the ideology serve as a blueprint for cultural growth?

Don’t Just Make Tough Decisions | Make informed Decisions.

School Communities face enormous pressure to stay ahead of a constantly evolving learning environment while maintaining a certain standard of service to their broader school community. Set a vision and reach your goals with on-demand access to insights and tools built from our conscious data-tool design approach. A method meant to align metrics and mission.

Our methodology finds its spirit in the essence of W.E.B. Du Bois, Scholar, Abolitionist, Data Scientist Pioneer, who used images like this above to capture the untold stories of black life during the 19th century. He practically invented data viz and redefined story-tellting.

Our Mission

We’re a team of Educators, Organizers, and Caregivers who want to change how schools design services with inclusive special education at the core.

We believe that by elevating the services provides to special education professional and school leaders we can transform the entire educational experience for learners and the broader school community.

Our journey and where we’ve built momentum:

  • Bolstering the recruiting on-boarding, and employee lifecycle.
  • Developing Situational awareness and tactical analysis skills.
  • Powering your benchmarking and data governance with scaffolded data literacy coaching and reporting.

  • Introducing communities to new ways of discussing race, identity and belonging, while maintaining workplace cohesion.
  • Fostering a Community of Practice our operational model for cultivating operational agency.
  • Roadmapping community engagement journeys, and redefine the role schools share in the community.

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