Meditation 8.29.21 – Good Boy/ Good Taste

Grandma says to this day, “you’re such a good boy,” and I’m inclined to believe her. In fact, it’s been an existential imperative that I explicitly hear these words and see myself. So much of my past used to taste freshly cooked in my mind; more of a gumbo than any fine dining, my memoriesContinue reading “Meditation 8.29.21 – Good Boy/ Good Taste”

Poem 8.28.21 – The Willing

My great untrainable will. I fear your intent. You flow like a river on high without sign of relent. My great unbending will. I fatigue as your vessel. You take, and scantly rent. Damn you, in body and mind we wrestle. My great inextinguishable will. I see your flame and ask,take me with you intoContinue reading “Poem 8.28.21 – The Willing”

Poem 8.28.21 – unbothered.

Much like lightning my spirit’slight streams across ours eyes brightest in the dark of night. The thunder of my voice crashes through your ears, in spite of your wishes for silence and still. Pride, mean more to me than your prowess, your lazy critique of the supernatural. For my excellence is akin to a secondContinue reading “Poem 8.28.21 – unbothered.”

Poem 8.22.21 – Webless Creatures

We aren’t time tethered creatures I’m convinced our natureis better bound to the frame of a spider weblessin the wind. Spinning and manifesting, unbothered with fact, math, and reality. We spin our web of desires sewing anchors, gripping space;the creases where hollow fictionsare merged into more!A sporadic spinster forming tendrils rapidly growing stronger than aContinue reading “Poem 8.22.21 – Webless Creatures”

Poem 8.12.21: Fruits of NewOrleans

Has life bleached you and left you barren? Not life you protest?!?Who then, Huck Fin?I been where you’ve been poked, plucked and scraped of all that they called a stain, all that which held you sain. Saliva and tears whether your skin,and sooth your bones,pecks and scores leave hopeas your flesh is plowed for aContinue reading “Poem 8.12.21: Fruits of NewOrleans”

Poem 8.11.21: souls

So much is said of hearts and minds, but what of a precocious Soul who has only known the spoils of division and conquest. What of a precocious Soul who in concert with a slow bending arch, took victory laps prior to reaching justice. Celebrating its pathStammering in and out of justice’scadence. What would youContinue reading “Poem 8.11.21: souls”

Poem 7.29.21 – Your Favorite Boy

Bow bow wowRestraint your assumptionsI plead that you fail those connects That my houndish enthusiasm is corallay to a obedient boys story. Nah, these fangs belong to a being with venom. See me, spectacular and at the apex of audaciousness. See yourself now, on the plate as the spectacle. Bow bow wowHear it now.Bow,Bow!Wooooow….

Poem: Jarless 7.13.21

For all the ways I’m asked to be intelligent, I am truly a simple man. I fumble through the dark. Through the thought of a love without heartbreak. Why can’t— why won’t I accept an unbroken love, that simply dimmed instead of shattered? For all my wits, it’ll be a dim light that does meContinue reading “Poem: Jarless 7.13.21”

Meditation: We’re All Boatless in the Same Ocean

A Meditation on the Impact of Racial Isolation & Courageous Conversations Racism Racism or more specifically crying racism has never serve me. Like many reading this I’ve always felt this child like fear of loneliness and isolation anytime I’ve imagined speaking out about what I’ve experienced or witnessed. I’ve also lived those petrifying outcomes eachContinue reading “Meditation: We’re All Boatless in the Same Ocean”