Poem: Fool of Self-Love

What is self-love for a black man? For a Black Man, a Black Man like me. My body knows a healing dance, full of Love, and Of its own cultivation. My belly starved only in self-sacrifice. For a compassionate Instrument— An instrument like me, Requires space to be Filled. My tongue rest. And plays. EitherContinue reading “Poem: Fool of Self-Love”

Poem: 11.24-11.26.2020

I’ve risen To the playful echos of sunrise I Count notes of night, flattened To make Room for my perfect Memory of the sun Rise I glow golden Crisp leather, cracking-jagged, Cold I shine in All directions Simply an alter and An artifact Still I am In my solitude Under a veil Of silence andContinue reading “Poem: 11.24-11.26.2020”

Poem 12.9.20: Seasoned Black

I’ve done it. I’m officially an adult. That’s right folks, I am the dog that caught the car; watch as I lose myself to the unfamiliar feeling of getting exactly what I’ve worked toward. Don’t take my word for it, this certification came from above me. Through disciple and a lot of burns, I’ve masteredContinue reading “Poem 12.9.20: Seasoned Black”