Poem 6.29.21: Longing/Lingering

We don’t really know each other and we’re not quite strangers. If I’m anything to anyone, I want to believe I’m something to you.If and when we are truly aware of our mutual-ness, our earthly bond, I hold out hope that you’ll tell me. Most of all, what I desire.I want you to tell meContinue reading “Poem 6.29.21: Longing/Lingering”

Poem 3.17.20: A poem about the dark

What is it about the dark Berryville so much for who we are? The unmasking that is inevitable once veiled in darkness is uncanny. In all darkness we find so many truths we run from nipping at the back of her neck‘s; all our monsters lie out there in the darkness stalking us, subtly sharingContinue reading “Poem 3.17.20: A poem about the dark”

Poem 6.5.21: Day Dream

I was summoned by their hum. Not by strangers, by familiar voices in crescendo. Thick Summer heat, the mumbling of lawn machines, and cicadas in heat, a melody I admit to abandoning for a more sacred hymn. They built an idol in sound. I felt wet for their bliss. Eyes prematurely soaked I dove in,Continue reading “Poem 6.5.21: Day Dream”

Poem 4.14.21 (a love poem)

Hope is just desire with her Church cloths on. You say you can’t die, with lipsVirgin to living. On a mountain up high I’ve also knownDreams worth howling out. Have you gone up high, to the peak,Cloudy and teasing sweet? The subtle way you offer me your bones betray you By all I’ve seen, yourContinue reading “Poem 4.14.21 (a love poem)”

Meditation: Three Black Swans

I saw something I’ve never seen before. Something more rare than a four-leaf clover, a gaggle of midnight colored swans. No doubt skating through the present on their own wind rails, and still tethered vernal air patterns foreign a humming bird like me. A black asterism. Dancing during the day, spiraling towards one truth. WeContinue reading “Meditation: Three Black Swans”