Poem 6.5.21: Day Dream

I was summoned by their hum. Not by strangers, by familiar voices in crescendo. Thick Summer heat, the mumbling of lawn machines, and cicadas in heat, a melody I admit to abandoning for a more sacred hymn. They built an idol in sound. I felt wet for their bliss. Eyes prematurely soaked I dove in,Continue reading “Poem 6.5.21: Day Dream”

A Land of Lore And Hymns

I live in between breaths Hollow are my words, for haute hymns are felt before they’re heard and the dead’s echos are canon. A rhythm rises from the soil promising rapture. First line, felt as love, A second line, a round imitating the first is met Fool crowds gather, lured by a land’s echo ofContinue reading “A Land of Lore And Hymns”

Poem 01.28.21: If I Wrote about You, it be a Fail.

I remember learning the meaning of falling and silence when I first met you. You taught me how beautiful a Fall could be. I learned under the night’s glow what my heart does when it’s quietly elated. I remember learning the meaning of failing and silence when I last saw you. You taught me howContinue reading “Poem 01.28.21: If I Wrote about You, it be a Fail.”