Poem 8.12.21: Fruits of NewOrleans

Has life bleached you and left you barren? Not life you protest?!?Who then, Huck Fin?I been where you’ve been poked, plucked and scraped of all that they called a stain, all that which held you sain. Saliva and tears whether your skin,and sooth your bones,pecks and scores leave hopeas your flesh is plowed for aContinue reading “Poem 8.12.21: Fruits of NewOrleans”

Poem 8.11.21: souls

So much is said of hearts and minds, but what of a precocious Soul who has only known the spoils of division and conquest. What of a precocious Soul who in concert with a slow bending arch, took victory laps prior to reaching justice. Celebrating its pathStammering in and out of justice’scadence. What would youContinue reading “Poem 8.11.21: souls”

Poem 7.29.21 – Your Favorite Boy

Bow bow wowRestraint your assumptionsI plead that you fail those connects That my houndish enthusiasm is corallay to a obedient boys story. Nah, these fangs belong to a being with venom. See me, spectacular and at the apex of audaciousness. See yourself now, on the plate as the spectacle. Bow bow wowHear it now.Bow,Bow!Wooooow….

Poem 7.25.21: The Scenic View

I found us. Well a version of us,In all the obvious way. Their skin, however separately hued, mocked us. And still, I left them unimpeached, unburdened by my anointing stare. I did stare at us—- them! I lingered. I saw them, perhaps more worthy of the legacy of Loving?Again, it was only a breath longerContinue reading “Poem 7.25.21: The Scenic View”

Poem: Jarless 7.13.21

For all the ways I’m asked to be intelligent, I am truly a simple man. I fumble through the dark. Through the thought of a love without heartbreak. Why can’t— why won’t I accept an unbroken love, that simply dimmed instead of shattered? For all my wits, it’ll be a dim light that does meContinue reading “Poem: Jarless 7.13.21”

Poem 3.17.20: A poem about the dark

What is it about the dark Berryville so much for who we are? The unmasking that is inevitable once veiled in darkness is uncanny. In all darkness we find so many truths we run from nipping at the back of her neck‘s; all our monsters lie out there in the darkness stalking us, subtly sharingContinue reading “Poem 3.17.20: A poem about the dark”