Poem 8.28.21 – The Willing

My great untrainable will. I fear your intent. You flow like a river on high without sign of relent. My great unbending will. I fatigue as your vessel. You take, and scantly rent. Damn you, in body and mind we wrestle. My great inextinguishable will. I see your flame and ask,take me with you intoContinue reading “Poem 8.28.21 – The Willing”

Poem 8.28.21 – Feral Heart

Alone,lying next to you. Do you remember when my heart lied for you?Alone, lying next to you. Do you rememberwhen my heart begged you?Alone, lying next to you. Do you remember when my heart cried for you?Alone, lying next to you. Do you remember when my heart beat flurried and died?Alone, lying, lied to, allContinue reading “Poem 8.28.21 – Feral Heart”

Poem 8.28.21 – unbothered.

Much like lightning my spirit’slight streams across ours eyes brightest in the dark of night. The thunder of my voice crashes through your ears, in spite of your wishes for silence and still. Pride, mean more to me than your prowess, your lazy critique of the supernatural. For my excellence is akin to a secondContinue reading “Poem 8.28.21 – unbothered.”

Meditation: We’re All Boatless in the Same Ocean

A Meditation on the Impact of Racial Isolation & Courageous Conversations Racism Racism or more specifically crying racism has never serve me. Like many reading this I’ve always felt this child like fear of loneliness and isolation anytime I’ve imagined speaking out about what I’ve experienced or witnessed. I’ve also lived those petrifying outcomes eachContinue reading “Meditation: We’re All Boatless in the Same Ocean”

What’s With the Bird?

Miriam’s Insta: @miriamjsutton – support they’re mutual aid artwork! by going to their insta! I received one of these a few years back. At the time, I was visiting home but felt like a tourist in my neighborhood. Since nothing sticks around in DC anymore beyond a few liquor stores and Starbucks I spent aContinue reading “What’s With the Bird?”

A Land of Lore And Hymns

I live in between breaths Hollow are my words, for haute hymns are felt before they’re heard and the dead’s echos are canon. A rhythm rises from the soil promising rapture. First line, felt as love, A second line, a round imitating the first is met Fool crowds gather, lured by a land’s echo ofContinue reading “A Land of Lore And Hymns”

Poem 01.28.21: If I Wrote about You, it be a Fail.

I remember learning the meaning of falling and silence when I first met you. You taught me how beautiful a Fall could be. I learned under the night’s glow what my heart does when it’s quietly elated. I remember learning the meaning of failing and silence when I last saw you. You taught me howContinue reading “Poem 01.28.21: If I Wrote about You, it be a Fail.”