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I am here because of the love of my family and the opportunities that I had access to due to great public schools.
I intend to pay forward the blessing I received and pour myself into the work of building a more equitable education system. At any given time I will describe myself as a project manager, a data scientist, or a movement scientist. These titles are just shorthands that fit on name tags.

Education Equity | Abolition in Action | Art & Compassion

“The nature of the criminal justice system has changed. It is no longer primarily concerned with the prevention and punishment of crime, but rather with the management and control of the dispossessed.”


Michelle Alexander


I’m still constantly in motion in my body but once I’m somewhere I am planted and present. I tend to that project, meeting, person, idea until it’s it time to move and then I do so with grace.

“Been workin since since 12, blessed to know dignity in my practices from a young age, it makes my journey hard to hold all at once so take your time and ask questions”

Robert Azeem Jackson III

Non-Profit Operational Experience

8 + years

Research + Analytics Experience

9 + years

Facilitation + Mentorship Experience

10 + years

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Stories Left to Uplift

Education Equity | Abolition in Action | Art & Compassion

Here are a few of the hats I wear.

Data Stewardship + Podcast Producer: I write and speak publicly on algorithmic bias, and the potential positive impact of big data & analytics in public work. I advocate for community-center tech solutions. I also produce my own podcast(s), where I explore the topics like race, activism, self discovery and on agency; all in one night of amazing food and laughs. Contact me for details>

Digital Literacy + Service Leadership in Action: I believe that systems are meant to be simplified, mastered, and eventually augmented by those most impacted. I’m privileged to know enough to teach and humbled to facilitate the growth of all learners (kid & adult) who want to see the digital world as a platform for terraforming their own visions and voices.

Data Science + User Experience researcher: I have designed digital survey, dashboards, and other analytics based solutions for local and state governments with an emphasis on supporting tech-novices & Sr. leadership.

Data Analysis + Racial Equity Lens: I have a background in regression analysis and various other forms of multi-level statistical analysis. I approach all social science research (qualitative and quant.) with a racial equity lens/disparity analysis.

Tech Project Management: As an educator turned technologist and consultant I’ve mastered the skill of providing my audience with the impactful information needed to make bespoke tech solutions.

About Rob’s work.

Robert Azeem Jackson is a movement scientist, among other things. He has over 10 years of experience working with leaders of color, mostly folks who have spent most of their professional life as educators, or working in nonprofit. Having founded an eduction equity non-profit back in 2010, during his tenure at Georgetown, Rob is equip to be a high level individual contributor, but thrive as a collaborator.

He credits his years of athletics (including D1 track) and community organizing as critical experiences that have shaped him as a leader and mentor.

Cura Personalis

Rob started early in his service career as missionary to China in high school and celebrated citizen of Purcellville, receiving a citizenship award from the Mayor and the Gates Millennium scholarship in 2010.
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He helps small/single-site organizations build analytic and operational capacity by combining his expertise in organizational leadership and data analysis.

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What makes him different is his curiosity and his commitment to service leadership; his commitment to empowering the most impacted to shape their outcomes and guide institutional change.

His tours at PWIs like Georgetown and Columbia have bolstered his critical eye towards systems, while his life long commitment to activism allows him to organize, create, and execute effectively when taking on service oriented work.

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