VIDEO: COMMON GOOD: Mission Never Changed

The year 2020 marked the Ten-year anniversary of my time at the Global Youth Village. Ten years after spending weeks with Iraqi and American youth developing peace-building skills and cultural pluralism I was invited back to discuss how a decade of service and activism has brought to life my idea of global citizenry. We discussContinue reading “VIDEO: COMMON GOOD: Mission Never Changed”

VIDEO: @iamazeem19 in Wonder_Land

Below is a collage of images and videos capturing my crash course as an experiential event tech product manger… in 2014! If I could go back to these moments where I learned how creative and freeing tech could be I would. I have had the privilege of running events for Tech Crunch, Unilever, and JackContinue reading “VIDEO: @iamazeem19 in Wonder_Land”

VIDEO: The 2nd Annual Data For Black Lives Conference: Education Justice Pre-session 2019

A few hours before the Data for Black Lives Conference official began 50 plus education activists from around the country and across generations discussed the ways big data has impacted public education in the black communities.

VIDEO Lecture Series: Career in Data & Analytics

How to start a career in Data Science, Business Analysis, and Information System Management | Full Course Description This course helps those seeking to enter the field of Data Science, Business Analysis, and Information System Management to gain a high level understanding of the field. This includes: What is the industry like? What kind ofContinue reading “VIDEO Lecture Series: Career in Data & Analytics”