VIDEO: @iamazeem19 in Wonder_Land

Below is a collage of images and videos capturing my crash course as an experiential event tech product manger… in 2014! If I could go back to these moments where I learned how creative and freeing tech could be I would. I have had the privilege of running events for Tech Crunch, Unilever, and JackContinue reading “VIDEO: @iamazeem19 in Wonder_Land”

Dick And Cary Go To LA

Instructional Design + Learning Analytic Those familiar with instructional design Dick and Cary model brings agile methodology to the process of designing learning products and experiences. Similar to the Addie model, the Dick and Cary model still focus on identify instructional goals and the evaluation participants meeting those goals but with an iterative approach.  Continue reading “Dick And Cary Go To LA”

Briefly about my Brief: Big Data in Education (P.2)

A PEAK INTO THE NATIONAL LANDSCAPE Part 2: Some Good News, Big Data is Texas is Big Background: This is my second post discussing the early lessons from my research with NYU Metro Center on Big Data in Public Education. If you’re not sure what Big Data is, or how it can be “in” education,Continue reading “Briefly about my Brief: Big Data in Education (P.2)”

Briefly about my Brief: Big Data in Education (P.1)

a peak into the national Landscape Part 1: What is Big Data? Since 2015, I have been exploring the connections between BIG DATA + EDUCATION + SOCIAL JUSTICE. My research primarily focuses on big data’s role in public education particularly how it impact black and brown communities. Most recently I’ve partnered with NYU Metro CenterContinue reading “Briefly about my Brief: Big Data in Education (P.1)”

Are Analytics the key to solving inequity in Busing?

Some lessons are worth saying twice… maybe even three times! The structure of each post: Observations – A synthesis of notes from a discussion on the current structures that exist in education and how big data has impacted education. Recommendation – Based on existing interventions brought up during our discussion and frameworks being implemented byContinue reading “Are Analytics the key to solving inequity in Busing?”

The Best Outcome with Top-down Predictive Policies in Schools is Community Action!

A lesson for those implementing predictive analytics in schools; community voice can’t be ignored and is often your best asset. Observations about Data-Driven Schools & the use of Risk Scores Primary Data Type | Administrative Data We found that data-driven schools and school systems are using information riddled with implicit bias to determine student outcomes.  The perceptions of schoolContinue reading “The Best Outcome with Top-down Predictive Policies in Schools is Community Action!”

The Origin of a Blog and the Death of an Imposter

Original Post: 1/25/18 Disclaimer: The same way people hate to hear the sound of their voice in a voicemail I’ve hated sharing my writing with others.  But I love building tools that solve problems.  For over 2 years I’ve researched the intersection of big data, Education, and racial equity.  In my research I’ve found thatContinue reading “The Origin of a Blog and the Death of an Imposter”