Meditation: We’re All Boatless in the Same Ocean

A Meditation on the Impact of Racial Isolation & Courageous Conversations Racism Racism or more specifically crying racism has never serve me. Like many reading this I’ve always felt this child like fear of loneliness and isolation anytime I’ve imagined speaking out about what I’ve experienced or witnessed. I’ve also lived those petrifying outcomes eachContinue reading “Meditation: We’re All Boatless in the Same Ocean”

Meditation: Where The Hood At?!?!

Why I feel most safe in “the hood”, and you could too! Recently I had the pleasure of connecting with old friends from Georgetown. Admitting I’ve a hard time bonding with my classmates post graduation. I had a hard time truly bonding while I was there. A sentiment not unique to me, but easily unpacked,Continue reading “Meditation: Where The Hood At?!?!”

Meditation: Three Black Swans

I saw something I’ve never seen before. Something more rare than a four-leaf clover, a gaggle of midnight colored swans. No doubt skating through the present on their own wind rails, and still tethered vernal air patterns foreign a humming bird like me. A black asterism. Dancing during the day, spiraling towards one truth. WeContinue reading “Meditation: Three Black Swans”

Password to Arabic: Sipping tea + breeze + 68 degrees temp

I’m happy to share a cool #mentalwellness story quick if you’re not busy. I have #PTSD from a #policebrutality in #arlington back in 2014. I suffer from some memory loss-more accurately I be (re)remembering things (images, locations, skills!). Today I caught a breeze that reminds me of #ammanjordan🇯🇴 and my time studying Arabic. Since myContinue reading “Password to Arabic: Sipping tea + breeze + 68 degrees temp”

What’s With the Bird?

Miriam’s Insta: @miriamjsutton – support they’re mutual aid artwork! by going to their insta! I received one of these a few years back. At the time, I was visiting home but felt like a tourist in my neighborhood. Since nothing sticks around in DC anymore beyond a few liquor stores and Starbucks I spent aContinue reading “What’s With the Bird?”