VIDEO: The 2nd Annual Data For Black Lives Conference: Education Justice Pre-session 2019

A few hours before the Data for Black Lives Conference official began 50 plus education activists from around the country and across generations discussed the ways big data has impacted public education in the black communities.

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Hello, below is an overview of my interested. As well as some info on how I live my work, and a few of my offering, cheers! Want the TL_DR? Schedule a 15 minute intro call! At the foundation of my work is an educators spirit Rob Jackson III Founder | Educator | Mentor Lecture @Continue reading “Featured”

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Educational Resources on Technology, Race, Education and Justice – LEARN: What is big data? Why Big Data in Education Matters? How has big data impact equity and justice in education? How has big data in education been used against equity and justice? Download the DECK WATCH the lecture here: Working Paper: Big Data in EducationContinue reading “DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT”


A summary of my experience as it relates to research, publications, and roses. Education M.S. Columbia University Teachers College Learning Analytics, May 2018 B.S. Georgetown University Walsh School of Foreign Service Class, May 2014 Research Interest I primarily explore the impact of big data in education on education equity.  I research topics like: Exploring theContinue reading “CV”