Poem 12.2.21 – Excuse Me…

S/o: @colominicana 📸 12.2.21 Washington DC

Excuse me Miss,
If you would honor me.
Excuse me Miss,
Before you dismiss,
May I make one

Excuse me Miss,
Excuse me, Miss.
If you please honor me
with one

That if I can do one thing left—right.

Again, if I can do one thing right,
yeah that’s right, right—
May I make laugh?

If there's one thing I do right, not left.
Can I do that for you.

Please, excuse me miss,
May I make you laugh?
A smile,
A start, sure.
A smirk,
Well, I'm grateful for those too.

And still, please Miss before
you are missed,
please, excuse me, for this.

Greet my words,
Shoulder my load,
And share the glimmer of your cheeks,
Hug my soul, and wrap the sun
Rays around your ivory
Round your lips, and roots your
joy in me.

Excuse me, Miss.
That shape,
The one your face makes.
It’ll devine.

Hollow and howling,
may it be.
May it be okay, yeah?
To make you laugh, one time.

S/o: @colominicana 📸

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