Poem 8.22.21 – Webless Creatures

We aren’t time tethered creatures 
I’m convinced our nature
is better bound to the frame
of a spider webless
in the wind.

Spinning and manifesting, unbothered
with fact, math, and reality.
We spin our web of desires
sewing anchors, gripping space;
the creases where hollow fictions
are merged into more!

A sporadic spinster
forming tendrils
rapidly growing
stronger than a whole team,
our grip both binds us
to the air and betrays us
over time, faltering,
fiendishly in search of more!

Timeless beast, unbothered.
Knowing the right time to move
is unpredictable.

So spin,
so build, and
sew your own start.

In the making there’s an unwinding more.
Deeply anchored things leave scars,
while unanchored thoughts are undone
and recasted, spun from a soul untethered to what others consider dear.

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