Poem 8.22.21 – Caught Lookin

I’m yo hoe, not yo ni&&a
I know my place, so go figure
That the only dream
I’m wit, got you wet wit no rigor!

I got love,
I ain’t bitta’
I keep my heart,
I need no sitter.

What I need?
Well if I plead,
let me read
my short-list,
call it greed!

I love loose lips
and thick hips.

I love me some sturdy thighs,
just complement it wit piercing eyes.
I’m really attracted to grins,
and vibes ignite adrenaline.

my blood rushin
I failed to stop
and ask you what got you

I told you about me
it flowed, like inhale.
Now go on bout you
I want you to exhale.

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