Poem 4.14.21 (a love poem)

Hope is just desire with her

Church cloths on.

You say you can’t die, with lips
Virgin to living.

On a mountain up high I’ve also known
Dreams worth howling out.

Have you gone up high, to the peak,
Cloudy and teasing sweet?

The subtle way you offer me your

bones betray you

By all I’ve seen, your closet
Barely made room.

My my my, aren’t we sour marsh
breathing amber&brine

Death by little Black dress,
Black on browned&butteted

Everlasting; wouldn’t mean…

Last but first

Soulmates can climb&fall,
Mated and solos

Outdated, over the weighty wax,
Wet in flight

Sea ashes vibrate when you dream loud
Glowing on high.

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