Poem: Fool of Self-Love

What is self-love for a black man?
For a Black Man, 
a Black Man like me.  
My body knows a healing dance,
full of Love, and
Of its own cultivation. 
My belly starved
only in self-sacrifice. 
For a compassionate Instrument—
An instrument like me,
Requires space to be 
My tongue rest.
And plays. Either way my ears delight. 
Autonomous Angels,
Arriving, not fully. 
Still locked on bothered. 
Tried Up, my ears, 
as fickle as a feline,
sense the enviable and curl in. 
Small hairs 
Cuddling the cozy air. 
A Return to Forever, 
a few bars — 
drinks in St. Tropez, 
to sense how familiar 
this foreign feels. 
Laughing in the face of time, 
He’s on his way!
Much is demanded. 
Yet the body feels 
no sacrifice. 
Playing with life. 
Escaping death, 
with every loss of breath. 
A fool. 

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